The wishful thoughts of Gordon Pym – a sonnet

Your porcelain habit left with visions split
between the wishful thoughts of Gordon Pym
and pimple scars that leave precision pits
Now drink to fortunes of the gorgons grim

Then bless the whistle of my neighbor’s saw
at midnight drink tequila shots to soothe
and dress in handmade suits from draper’s straws
as fall from jumping-cliff is not so smooth

when through the chimney wailing rabbits come
and rip with razor claws your masque apart
to set you free as prison bracket crumbs
I hear your thumping fists the cask bombard

prepare your six-pack for the fashion show
and in the drilled compartment rations throw

I combine the picture from Magpie Tales (Not to be reproduced by Renee Magritte) with the 13 words of the Sunday Whirl. Of course it has to be as surrealistic as the picture. To use the Sonnet with slanted rhymes is started to be a habit of sorts.

June 15, 2014

31 responses to “The wishful thoughts of Gordon Pym – a sonnet

  1. Beautiful play on words with ‘gorgons grim / Gordons Gin’, love the use of Masque for an ongoing dance of deception with life as opposed to a mask… Cracking piece of work, Sir!

  2. Enjoyed reading your poem, particularly three images that ring so true and I would not thought of…pits of pimple scars, razor claws of rabbits, and a six-pack. Well wordled!

  3. oh my goodness…the rabbit stanza gave me goosebumps… i’m just glad i don’t have an open chimney here…i wouldn’t be able to sleep tonite…oy…well spun björn

  4. Should wailing rabbits come my way, I would run in the opposite direction!

  5. the image of razor clawed rabbits pouring out the chimney is a rather potent one…tearing apart our masques…..some nice alliteration as well….

  6. Oh very good Björn. Wailing rabbits conjure up worrying – but wonderful – images.
    Anna :o]

  7. Often it is better to see the masque than reveal what is underneath. The rabbits might seem quite friendly then! How rarely do we see people as they are. Great work.

  8. Awesome , Bjorn , this is the second homicidal rabbit i have seen in the past 24 hours…tis painful near summer solstice, no?

  9. Shade of Poe! When I saw Gordon Pym my memory went .. hey! I know him! An interesting sonnet with lots to ponder one…the chimney full of raging rabbits is a pretty scary thought. Seems there’s been too much to drink by far! Good story.

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