Our friend agape

When tempests whisper lies to me
and only rabbits tell the time
digested is Apollo’s crime
as long as Charon get’s his fee
Then even ISIS can’t escape
the duldroms of a bored defeat
as history itself repeats
I hope we trust our friend agape

Linked to toads where we write Yeat’s octave.
Also linked to poetry pantry
June 15, 2014

42 responses to “Our friend agape

  1. Very well phrased.

    BTW, is ISIS supposed to mean ISIL = Islamic State of Irak and the Levante, those terrorists and foreign mercenaries who captured Mosul this week? And which were called ISIS in Syria until they got defeated heavily over there.

  2. Very frightening indeed to watch the rise of ISIS in Iraq. I hope history does not repeat itself, but I fear it will.

  3. great lines…present times in mythological mould..Trust has disappeared from the political arena let alone Agape…a bleak future ahead until a miracle happens…

  4. as history itself repeats
    I hope we trust our friend agape

    One can never tell what gets repeated these days. As long as wants are not satisfied water finds its own level and we are left wondering, agape! Wonderful write Bjorn!


  5. I like how you mingle old references and present day worrying news so naturally and efficiently, Björn. Sometimes it does feel like agape is all that is left to hope for.

  6. I predict Charon is going to be very busy carting bodies across the Styx. Isis is a plague and scourge to humanity. Christian communities in Iraq are being murdered in the most barbaric ways.

  7. very cool….chock full of thinly veiled references…and ugh…i do believe charon with have their hands full…i like the use of rabbits as well…smiles.

  8. The varied references tighten the form even more. I like the suggested rhyme scheme as when read through yours the effect was favorably light to ears complimenting the strength of the topic you tackled here. I enjoyed it, thank you. Smiles.

  9. Yeats often dealt with weighty subjects, and I think the structure of these octaves allows it. Your subject is very well-expressed in these lines and the wisdom of the poet shines through, especially in the lines:
    Then even ISIS can’t escape
    the duldroms of a bored defeat
    as history itself repeats…

    That “bored defeat” says a lot to me about the senselessness of conflict in our times.

  10. i actually rather love this, despite the sense of defeat as history repeats…. very droll. well done. though the errant comma in line 4 (“get’s”) makes me shrieky. edit edit! (kiss kiss)

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