A delicate balance – for dVerse

If democracy is just the rock
like Sysiphos we try to block
it balanced on the mountain-top
We require strength to make it stop
from rolling deep into the fate
with demagogues and potentates

So once again we have to choose
with input from the biased news
twixt xenophobic ideology
and the Russian ethnology
To stay between Sloboda
and Mr Putin’s drastic coda

Drawing is not my strong side

Drawing is not my strong side

Today at dVerse MTB we do poetic journalism, and I will be tending the bar. The form is typical in Nordic newspaper and are short, often rhymed verses that comment on the News often accompanied by a drawing. Tools like humor and irony are importantant ingredients.

April 24, 2014

48 responses to “A delicate balance – for dVerse

  1. Great poem, Bjorn – quite a scary issue, but your use of rhyme & the drawing gives it some innocence. There is the balance, for me. Really well done.

  2. ah, and what is democracy….ha….in america we have a representative democracy
    that is supposed to be reflective of the people but i would argue more so
    of their corporate sponsors…smiles.it is a delicate balance…nice approach in this bjorn

  3. Oh what fun for MTB today, brother; we need to find levity & lightness in the midst of dirges, deaths, drownings, plane crashes, civil wars, saber rattling; really enjoyed this prompt; thanks.

  4. The biases of the news agencies does make it a challenge to know what is really going on in pretty much any current event…of course, my own bias sometimes colours the way I interpret the news too…

  5. “So once again we have to choose
    with input from the biased news”

    Anytime I listen to the news anymore, I’m sure that I’m getting bamboozled. Love your drawing-so apt!

  6. News is so biased and yet we have to remain informed. I go through periods of wanting to bury my head in the sand alternated with trying to inform myself by studying all points of view. Enjoyed the prompt.

  7. ah putin as well… yes… we have to try to keep democracy from rolling down this mountain… cool poem and cool prompt björn

  8. Den här är verkligen underbar! Precis så ska det låta! Du ställde till det för mig med den här prompten, faktiskt eftersom jag är alldeles för trött för att tänka idag… I vilket fall är den här underbar!

  9. Hi Bjorn, this looks a great challenge, excellent choice of topic from you and I am ever so pleased to see someone with my artistic ability, trying but yet strangely struggling. All said tongue in cheek of course.

  10. It needed to be no more complex to get your point across, Bjorn. I think dagsvers should be taken up in newspapers around the world. What a delightful form of journalism. And full of the potential for barbs… 🙂

  11. This was clever with nice use of language. I hope mine fits the bill. Not sure mine was simplistic – just my voice..texanese! Thanks. I didn’t draw my image, I just photoshopped it! Ha!

  12. Good on you for writing the ‘dagsvers’ and drawing the cartoon to go with….I think it speaks volumes about what is going on over there.;)

  13. recently there was a very interesting discussion on bbc about what democracy is and whether it really is the best form of governance. made me realise how we all see the concept very differently.

  14. I’m not grasping all of what is going in the world while stuck in my own little universe, but I definitely understand your very sophisticated poetic thoughts. Scary world. Glad I could read this. And thank you for your always kind comments when I can write.

  15. Ohmigosh! I’m reading a book in which Sysiphos was mentioned and it intrigued me (but i didnt check it) and then i click this link and the name is right there! So i did google it just now. I love how im always learning something new… Especially these greek mythologies. They are filled with sommuch meaning!

    Alluding to this particular mythology really broughht your point across.

  16. Nice poem and scary at the same time. I really like the drawing, too. Thanks for the awesome prompt, Bjorn!

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