Their last unwritten verse – For Friday Fictioneers

The tension in the room became palpable as the lights were dimmed and the guitarists started to pluck their guitars. Even before Amália started to sing, tears rolled down Maria’s cheeks. The strings of her heart vibrated to the familiar tune, and she hummed silently, just like every evening.

It was here she and Paolo tied their bonds. It was here they had dissolved into dreams. It was here she had found him mesmerized in his vinho verde, It was here he met his fate. Their story was like one of Amália’s songs, where the last verse still remained unwritten.

Fado guitarists

Fado guitarists

So fun to be back again finding one of my pictures again, I have been in the wilderness for a week and just came back. I took the picture it in a small tavern in Funchal (Madeira), where they performed fado every night. Listening to the songs in the velvet night is a quite a memory.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers under the leadership of Rochelle Wissoff-Fields who write stories
Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who every week write 100 word stories to the same picture.

April 23, 2014

55 responses to “Their last unwritten verse – For Friday Fictioneers

  1. Strongly atmospheric. And a rich tale even in only the alloted words. Good with the names, using them to give exotic flavour. That was a good comment you gave before on the booklikes blog, thanks!

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  3. Bjjorn, excellent story AND picture. Thanks for both. The mood is definitely enhanced by the music. (An aside, I think you meant “became” not “become” in the first sentence. If not, ignore me.)

  4. Bjorn- The photo was stunning. But after reading your story I wanted to rush to the airport, hop a plane to Madeira and fall in love. Now I want a love verse unwritten. You really have no idea how good that makes your writing. 😉 Dana

  5. Two characters were given names and personality in just 100 words! Super impressed! Love the story, especially the last line.

  6. Good story and I loved the music. I Googled “fado. I understood from the music video clip that the lady was a popular entertainer who had died. Thanks for the great photo.

  7. Dear Björn,

    “Dissolved into dreams”. Nice turn of a phrase. Good use of the prompt. What a great photo. Thanks for sharing your photography and your words that I look forward to every week.



  8. Very good stuff, Bjorn. All the imagery, sensations,, all that made a great experience! I’m wondering what the green wine (if I read it correctly) tastes like.

  9. Wonderful story, and features exquisite music! Thank you for the great photo this week, Bjorn. Hope you had a lovely time on vacation 🙂

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  11. you’ve created quite an atmosphere and the last line, really loved it.

    thanks for the photo, too Björn. by the way, this photo was probably the most difficult photo I’ve ever encountered in FF haha 🙂

  12. Your story is as sensual as the photograph. Even before reading your story and the details, the wonderful magic of the guitars, the sweet lights outside and the music (which I could almost hear, with this photo), I could feel the “velvet night.” Beautiful, Björn!

  13. My favourite stories are ones which don’t end with the last word, and this is an excellent example. Very evocative and very enjoyable.

  14. Wonderful story, and a great picture for our prompt. I not only enjoyed your story, but I enjoyed writing one of my own to your photo. You’re a very gifted author and photographer, and you captured the atmosphere in both your story and your photo.

    Many blessings to you,

  15. your story written as wonderfully as the songstress singing that vibrant and rich song. thank you also for the lovely photograph this week…very inspiring.

  16. Dear Bjorn, this is a beautiful story and I loved every second of the music video! Amalia has such a strong voice and hauntingly passionate voice as she sings it! Excellent! I love writing in this group because of all the terrific stuff I get to read and listen to. Amazing – just amazing! Nan 🙂

  17. I love the atmosphere you have created here Bjorn well done. Thank you also for the photo this week; for some reason it has produced lots of melancholy stories.

  18. The picture has great atmosphere. I like the strings of lights in the background.

    You 100 words paints a lifestyle both familiar and very different from my own.

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