an emerald with wings – for dVerse

I saw
a starling sit
an emerald with wings
left without its murmuration

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

Today the dVerse Open Link Night opens at 3PM EST. Welcome. I like the fact that a flock of starlings can be called a murmuration.

February 4, 2014

58 responses to “an emerald with wings – for dVerse

  1. Starlings are quite pesty birds here sometime, but I must admit I like the word ‘murmuration’ — and loved your video, which could make a formation of even the pestiest birds beautiful! Smiles.

  2. i loved the accompanying beauty that shows the ease of connection of our feathered friends..flowing in ‘that’ song as well..

    But my intuition..tells me that the Starling from the time of the hereafter..
    is never

  3. They are amazing, aren’t they? Apparently not that popular with farmers, as they can destroy crops and telegraph wires etc. But oh, so beautiful to watch!

  4. a beautiful cinquain, word perfect… I love watching murmurations of starlings in flight – not often one finds then alone

  5. A cinquain filled with beauty..such a majestic creature and the group dancing in the sky just mesmerized..I adore birds thank you for sharing..

  6. The whole crowd of them. More than just a ‘murmur’. Imagine a whole flock can go one direction and another towards the opposite. Fantastic coordination. Nicely Bjorn!


  7. A lone starling came to my feeder yesterday, and I admired it with trepidation, hoping it wasn’t a scout for a hoard of brethren, a murmuration. In their jostling mob it’s hard to remember they were imported for their beautiful song… nice imagery.

  8. It is rare to see one starling, alone, at least here. They like to visit lawns in groupings. But have never seen a “murmuration” quite like the one in the video. Small but lovely capture written of seeing a single starling. And thanks for the “new” word and term–I like it. A “murmuration of starlings,” much softer (and less violent sounding) than a “murder of crows!”

  9. Makes me thing of all the other names of animal groupings beautiful, Bjorn…thanks for sharing your vision of him..birds are smart, I wonder what he’s thinking

  10. You did so much with so few words…beautiful words, music…and the whole thing is just lovely :)) xoxo ~jackie~

  11. after being part of such a thing, one would certainly be aware of its aloneness and its absence would be felt from its flock as well~ stunning video, wonderful write

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