martini out cold – for trifecta

Smooth saxophones wailed as I entered the club. I should have been sleeping, I should have prepared for tomorrow. But the stress of delayed flights in combination with the jet-lag and curiosity of an unvisited town had pulled me out into the streets.

She was a small woman, and she didn’t invite me into her presence, rather she tried to avoid my glances. But I made my move, after all, if you can’t sleep, why not stay up in company, and maybe sleep would come later, afterwards. I ordered two Martini’s and the bartender raised an eyebrow. Discretely I added some “spice” to one of the drinks and handed it to her.

First she looked at me suspiciously but then with a bored expression she took the glass and drained it. She smiled, and I waited for the drug to have its effect.

I took her hand, and she stumbled towards me. She giggled, this was going to be easy.

A gentle kiss planted by succulent lips, a thigh accidentally brushing my hip, and with fingers tracing my jawbone she showed that she actually knew how to manipulate a man. Too late I realized she was the hunter and I was the prey.

I felt dizzy and had to lean on the bar-disk. She smiled as she supported me. I saw the bartender wink at her as we exited into the back-alley.

The first punch landed heavy and I lost the little breath I had left. He was a burly man, and my limbs were heavy as lead. All I could think of was the strong smell of garbage before I passed out.

When I awoke, I was surprised to feel cool linen bed-sheet, and she was awake beside me. Caressing my brow, she said with a smirk:

“Good morning sleepy-head, welcome home”

She smiled and when I saw a wedding band matching my own, and her smile I knew that only my death could part us now.

Picture from wikimedia Commons

Picture from wikimedia Commons

It’s been a while since I attempted a trifecta. This week I thought I come back with a story. The word to use this week is MANIPULATE – and the third meaning is

3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one’s purpose : to doctor

February 3, 2014

20 responses to “martini out cold – for trifecta

  1. Your prose is really strong, man. In your own voice, you manage to show and not tell. Then you backed it up with a deep, interesting, and well told story. Nice job.

    The Man tries to manipulate the woman, – with drugs no less – but she gets him in the end. Who are the characters that work towards his…demise? I guess I get the feeling the piece is about people owning each other in relationships. The constant battle for control over having another person in your life, and there are no winners in selfish love. Either way, your story and your rules, it at least got me thinking,

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