Alone at night – Trifextra angst

Angst by Alfred Kubin

Angst by Alfred Kubin

in darkest silence lies my angst
where heavy heartbeats echo
there loneliness can grip my throat –
a muted dark falsetto
in pitter-patter from my sweaty head
I’m abandoned and I’m seen as dead

Trifextra urge us to write 33 words about what scares us the most. Here is my offering.

October 18, 2013

48 responses to “Alone at night – Trifextra angst

  1. Hearing you read it is even more powerful. Not being seen is such a worry and scare for most of us, one that can keep us awake.

    If only we knew how much we meant to other people, we would sleep soundly,I think.

  2. Yikes! Very good.
    I was going to add more – but I won’t – for if this your genuine fear you definitely won’t want to know.
    Anna :o]

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! The audio track kills! Love your wordsa nd the idea of lonliness and abandonment and, even death but, hearing you speak makes all the difference and pleases me tremendously. Hooray and bravo!!!

  4. so much beauty
    in dark words of tragedy
    the loneliness of life
    surrounded by others
    how can it be
    for one to feel so solitary.

    -this is so beautiful bjorn…I’ve felt this many times…but for the first time in my life I no longer feel alone…I hope you don’t either..
    love you brother.

  5. Björn! Such a moving and powerful poem. You so effortlessly move to the core of dread. This piece is made even stronger by your reading of it! Loved hearing your voice and inflection. As always, beautifully written. :))

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