My Dancing pig – dVerse poetry for children

Have you seen my little pig?
as he dances tango
My dog is very happy too
when he eats his mango

And here I have my purple cow
and she can sing a ballad
together with my prancing ewe,
when they share a salad.

My Horse has stripes in red and blue
and wants to be an actor
My billy goat with golden horns
drives his silver tractor

My cat is sleeping with the mice
can you hear them snoring?
The rooster tries to wake them up
he thinks they are too boring

Animal party - from Wikimedia Commons

Animal party – from Wikimedia Commons

Today in dVerse poetics Victoria wants us to write poetry for children. Myself I remember that I liked absurdities in poetry. So I went this way.
Pub opens at 3PM.

39 responses to “My Dancing pig – dVerse poetry for children

  1. i def. can hear them snoring…smiles… fun piece björn.. ha – i never tried feeding my dog a mango you know… he may have liked it.. really cool piece…i bet kids love the rhythm, rhyme and funny characters you’ve painted…

  2. haha fun and fantastical….when the cat and mice lay down together its a beautiful world eh? and what does a little bit of dancing not cure….smiles….nice use of rhyme and rhythm in this one…

  3. I laughed till I cried. This is an absolute delight. I had to play it again and again. I hope you have children to read this to. Perhaps pictures for an illustrated book? It begs for colors and animal pictures.

  4. All superlatives here, my brother, the rhyme scheme, the sweetness, part e.e. cummings & part Dr. Seuss; and your recording of it just compounds the fun; you rocked the prompt and tickled my tummy.

  5. this is simply delightful, Björn – the child in me immediately fell in love with the rhyme & rhythm & your fun portrayal of farmyard animals

  6. So sweet. The more characters the better. Also very memorable for little ones, I would have thought.

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