Carpe Diem Haiku – Onitsura Special (spring haze)

Carpe Diem today is to write haiku inspired by the following haiku by Onitsura.

the bell from far away –
how it moves along in its coming
through the Spring haze

And who else to better provide a picture to illustrate than this painting by Turner. I had a few interpretations from my European point of view what a bell can mean.

Chchester Canal (from Wikimedia Commons)

Chichester Canal (from Wikimedia Commons)

across the water
carried by the haze of spring
church bells tolls
morning haze
chiming bells announce
black dress of spring
haze of spring
harbour bells announce
tide is coming

43 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Onitsura Special (spring haze)

  1. Very evocative, although immediately transposed to my own experience (the mark of a good piece to be sure!). I’m a Brit and I love Turner. And I live in San Francisco, so the bell became the fog horn and the mist was a tad thicker, with just strong enough a sun to burn through the fog and create a rich but delicate envelope of haze.

    It works. I love haiku but got frustrated living in Japan never being able to quite read the kanji. I don’t write it myself. No skill.

  2. nice… we had a beautiful spring day over here as esp. the chiming bells announcing spring as well just like everything with every breath does…spring is my fav season so i’m really biased…smiles

  3. Although the idea of churchells amuses me greatly, I think you meant churchbells – also “announce”

    I did love these especially for the feeling of sound moving towards me, very physical!

  4. I really like the “black dress of spring”… Great antithesis. And I got caught by the tide, as always – as I am a woman from the sea 😉

  5. It’s such a pleasure to read this set. Beautifully illustrated…the sound of church bells coming through the haze.

  6. beautiful bjorn… “black dress of spring”… evokes rich fertile soil and possibility. I never would have thought of that expression to refer to spring, most people, I think, imagine bright greens and pastels in regard to the coming of spring but THIS is quite a lovely turn of phrase that digs deeper, into the depth of beginnings. Thank you for giving me a new view to contemplate.

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