This weekend spring felt close to summer but as other places transition into summer we are still early in spring. The woods are white and blue with anemones, but most of the trees are still bare.
Saturday afternoon we went woodwards with our backpacks, we had things to try, as every season is a new opportunity to cut some weight from our packs. We took it easy and found a good spot to pitch our tent, The evening was spent taking it easy, cooking up a simple dinner and going to bed early.
I woke up at 4 AM,, and in the early predawn, birds had started to salute the arrival of another day. I went briefly back to sleep, but at 6 AM it was time to rise. The sun had not yet risen above the treeline so it was a bit nippy but not worse than we could make some tea and porridge. The season of sleeping outdoors has truly begun.

from the bare branches,
birdsong hail this bitter dawn —
we’ve dreamt of summer

We are testing our new tent

Today Linda prompts us to write a haibun about late spring at dVerse. We are still a month away from late spring here in Sweden, but we experienced some wonderful early spring during the weekend.

April 24, 2023

27 responses to “Woodwards

  1. The forest looks inviting especially at sunrise. sleeping outside is something I have not done for twenty plus years. enjoy your trips to the outdoors.

  2. Sounds like fun! Was your new tent warm enough?

    (English note: should be “time to rise” and “sun had not yet risen”) 🙂

  3. “as every season is a new opportunity to cut some weight from our packs… ” Great picture – that red tent and nothing else around… a perfect place to dream of summer and everything else!

  4. I sank into each of these lines, oh how wonderful the feeling! Our birds awaken me at 4am as well, I am usually up between 4:30 and 5:00. Spring just might make its first appearance this weekend. Your Haibun gives me hope. Cheers, Bjorn.

  5. I admire your camping spirit, braving the chill of early spring and just getting out there. Always something new to discover. What a beautiful haiku to compliment the experience.

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