Forever yours

We should have been here together, at the sea, but you choose betrayal.
You had grown absent, always glancing at your phone, ceasing to tell me anything. Silent, always too tired. 

Then I found your credit statement. I didn’t want to pry, but I noticed dinners at “Chez Michel” when you had been working. 

“Chez Michel” where I went down on my knees, proposing, and you accepted. From there I believed it was only us…, Forever In space in time.
I sit thousands of feet above the sea, closer to the precipice than before. I watch seagulls sailing below, and wonder how much death will hurt.

It pleases, me to know it will hurt you more… but… I want to watch your pain so I retract, leaving my clothes where I know you will find them.
I will stalk you from afar. Forever yours.

Flutist on the cliffs
Paul Gauguin

Today, we write prosery with Merril at dVerse. The challenge is simple enough, a piece of prose with a beginning middle and end, where we have to include the following line:

“In space in time I sit thousands of feet above the sea” from “Meditation in Sunlight” by May Sarton.

March 13, 2023

28 responses to “Forever yours

  1. Leaving something behind for the betrayor to find is a nice touch. It will haunt forever. The location in the painting you chose to go with it is so beautiful. It would be a shame to have it sullied by suicide. 😦

  2. Ironic, but I read the ending differently – as in, leave the clothes behind to suggest, but the betrayed walks away – which then is a “sweet revenge” … which is the way I believe you’ve written it. At any rate, the tension is wonderful throughout. And who can determine what one’s fairy tale or poison ending is in this world?

  3. Such an ominous ending. The stalker. The jilted lover you think is dead but now can haunt you in the flesh. It’s like the start of a creepy horror novel. Shivers, here.

  4. Wow. This grabbed one by the throat and very slowly squeezed! Man, that sounds a bit intense… but it is exactly what I felt. A lot packed into a small space.

  5. It is good that he walks away sure of his inclination. Betrayal will eventually lets out the truth!


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