Fly, dragon fly


O, dragon-sun, the fear-
ful father, a thawer of snow,
melt-master, icicle-trickster,
in March you blind me awake
from the famines of frost.


O, moon-son, spiller of silver,
master of shadows, silent
and cold, advise me how
I may fly, with only my will,
bereaved of my wings.


O, earth, obscurer of spirits,
still frozen you keep, soil-bound
your worms, waiting for warmth,
while deep in your waters, dragon-
fly nymphs fatten for flight.

Libellula. Dragonfly (March 1936)
M.C. Escher

Today Laura hosts at dVerse and invites us to write by:

choosing ONE of these threesomes:

  1. Sun; moon, earth
  2. Godhead Trinity/God/Father, Jesus/Son, Holy Spirit
  3. Yin, yang, oneness

OR Choose ONE of these compound words with the derivatives:

  1. Body, guard, bodyguard
  2. Dragon, fly, dragonfly
  3. Free, lance, freelance
  4. High, light, highlight
  5. Rain, bow, rainbow

We are writing without any set rule for rhyme or meter:

  • A poem with THREE separate and distinct stanzas
  • Each stanza numbered or subtitled with the reference word
  • Include the reference word within the stanza if not subtitled

I must admit that I probably used more than one of the trinities above, but my main was the dragonfly.

March 3, 2023

23 responses to “Fly, dragon fly

  1. I thought the fattenjng for flight – quite interesting.
    Björn, thanks for dropping by my blog today


  2. Our earth doesn’t ever freeze down here by the Gulf of Mexico. The dragon is one of my favorite animals. I even belong to the Dragon Club on Facebook.
    I want to know how you got ahead of Laura?

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