Darkness behind me

Finally, as January is coming to an end I can feel that daylight has started to return. Soon I will meet dawn before I leave for work. My heartbeats lighten, and daylight gives me energy. Tomorrow it’s my 62nd birthday, I will go to work like any Tuesday, but I anticipate another year beginning. 

I know that the night when my heart finally stops beating… it will be in the deepest darkness of winter.  

in endless darkness 
every heartbeat disturbs me —
this sleepless winter

Self-portrait. The night wanderer
Edvard Munch

Today Frank hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse and the prompt is to write about “heart”. Valentine’s day is two weeks away but at this time of the year, I usually rejoice because the darkest time of the year is behind us.

January 30, 2022

19 responses to “Darkness behind me

  1. Happy Birthday to you!
    I am glad that the days are becoming longer again, here we are yet to notice it; when I take my son to school at the supposed crack of dawn, there is hardly even a glimmer of light to be seen.

  2. Seems as if your birthday marks a beginning, a rebirth, a sense of renewed hope and future, an escape from darkness. Now that’s a birthday worth looking forward to! 🥳🙂

  3. I would struggle to live in your winter, ours are so mild in comparison, though we also have shorter days then. I resonate with the sense of light returning, light brings me joy as do your hopeful words, except the note of one’s thoughts of death being a winter experience, though that isn’t necessarily pejorative, just sobering.

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