Snow-laden boughs

During the past weekend, the autumn died. Winter entered with winds from the northeast carrying its load of snow born from evaporating the Baltic Sea. Snow has kept falling and though we have been out with shovels it is likely to be needed to be cleaned tomorrow as well. The news has been filled with stories of canceled trains, buses not being able to drive, rivers of snow, and hour-long lines for those who ventured out on the roads.

We worked from home, had a leftover lunch, and sometimes gazed at the trees laden with snow. Likely more snow will fall tonight, so tomorrow will be more of the same.

silent voice of fall
in the hidden carpet of leaves —
under snow-laden bows

Today Linda is writing inspiring us to write a Haibun on Autumn’s voice at dVerse. Autumn was effectively silenced during the weekend and now we are just coping.

November 21, 2022

18 responses to “Snow-laden boughs

  1. Your snow-laden boughs, shovels of snow and photographs made me shiver even more, Björn – and I thought it was cold here! We have had heavy rain and the sky has been darkly overcast – we had to turn on the light at 15.30. I agree that autumn has finally died. We already have cancelled trains and missing post because of strikes. I dread the UK getting ‘the wrong kind of snow’. I love the ‘silent voice of fall’.

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