The Physiology of Taste – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Alex- A few moments of reading pleasure in return for an evening of sensual delights. Denis  October Bacchanalia 1994

A tête-á-tête,
with intimate tickling
on moules marinières,
pâté de foie gras,
beluga caviar,
Eggs Benedict, leek tart,
frogs’ legs amandine
quail’s eggs with puréed mushrooms
all mixed up
in a bucket

with extra quail eggs on top
and a double helping
of pâté.

Followed by jugged hare,
with a sauce of truffles,
Grand Marnier,
anchovies and cream.

all washed down tinkling glasses
brim filled with Château Latour 1945,
a double Jeroboam of champagne,
and half a dozen crates of brown ale.

fruit plates, ice cream,
coffee, cream
and maybe afterward
a tine wafer-thin mint

leaves us delighted
at the stomach
content together in an infinite passion
of taste.

The Triumph of Bacchus by Cornelis de Vos

Today Laura inspires with a number of quotes from the flyleaves of books at dVerse. I took the quote and tried to incorporate a little bit from the spirit of the book. I ended up using the menu of Mr. Creosot. If you can stomach it, it’s a fun watch

November 17, 2022

7 responses to “Cornucopia

  1. We chose the same one and how different they are! I enjoyed your cornucopia, Björn, from the moules marinières to the wafter thin mint – that did make me laugh as a Monty Python fan – although I wouldn’t eat the pâté de foie gras, frogs’ legs, jugged hare or bacon! Thanks for the clip of Mr Creosote!

  2. This made me first want to vomit and laugh–as soon as I read the wafer-thin mint I thought of Monty Python. My husband and I will still say “how about a thin wafer” to each other after we eat a big meal. 🙂

  3. Very creative use of the prompt, using the Fawlty Towers appetite of a guest. I skipped the video and will take your word that’s everything he ate. Great choice of image to go with. Surprised you didn’t use the artist that did the 7 deadly sins.

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