Buried six feet under,
from the blood moon’s
prying gaze
my secret rests;
safe from slander
blood and bones;
my sweet revenge.

But moon may pick the locks
to dreams,
she follows blood-trails
sees and listens,
with my mind
she hunts and haunts me,
pale-faced — knowing
well that to her darkness
a guilty mind confides.

In the end,
I’ve built my prison,
raised the scaffold
tied the noose myself,
as the blood moon
watches, watches,
cackling, casting
shadows on my grave
to be.

Victor Hugo

Today Sarah asks us to ponder different names given to October full moon at dVerse. My choice was to use the image blood moon (and maybe the hunter’s moon a bit)

October 18, 2022

21 responses to “Justicia

  1. This is incredibly dark and powerful, Bjorn! I especially resonate with; “But moon may pick the locks to dreams,
    she follows blood-trails sees and listens, meddles with my mind.” ❤❤

  2. Ye gods…I wasn’t ready but should have been, this is Björn’s blog after all… Sharply, sharply dark, with words that pull, downwards of course, then bite. Has the feel and ethos of a Nick Cave song, a dark one of course…I’m sure it is clear which one…

    • Thank you to the reference to Nick Cave, I have always loved “Murder Ballads” and clearly remember going to a concert when he performed “Stagger Lee” with such intensity that I was sure he was a murderer. I really liked your short moon poem… the image of the moon in the lake is such a strong one… I am sure you heard about the word “mångata” in Swedish.

  3. I enjoyed the Scandi-noir-ness of this poem, Björn, my kind of poem, and the way you link the blood moon to blood and bones! I also love the images of the moon picking locks to dreams and also casting shadows on a ‘grave to be’. Very atmospheric.

  4. Oh hell yes — brilliant darkness Bjorn. Autumn is such a splendid time to celebrate the macabre. It is the time of the death on the land. I loved this my friend! 💀👍🏼

  5. I do believe the moon has the power to pick the locks of dreams. Dreams can haunt at any time, they are in the backdrop waiting to appear. Def meddles with the mind.

  6. I would be quivering in my boots if I buried treasure any place. Now seems even the moon can’t be trusted. 🙂

  7. Oooo! So dark and that haunting guilt! I like what Kim said “Scandi-noir-ness.” 😏 I love ” But moon may pick the locks
    to dreams.”
    Also, perfect image to go with your poem.

  8. I absolutely love the shadow of Poe hanging over this poem, the persecuting guilt, the buried secret, the achieved revenge and ultimate condemnation. A wonderful character sketch of a (self)condemned man!

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