Rude bells

Call out rude bells! for midnight skies;
to autumn rain, to falling leaves;
to what’s been lost to what we grieve
Call out! let truths succeed their lies.

Ring out the war, ring in the peace
ring for foe’s defeat; ring and never cease.

A funeral mask tolls bell
Odilon Redon

Today we are writing Quadrilles with Kim at dVerse. The word to use to compose a poem of 44 words is “bell”, and I could not stop thinking about Tennyson’s poem In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells] which is read every New Year in Sweden.

October 17, 2022

23 responses to “Rude bells

  1. Well done for getting in first with your rude bells, Björn, and for referencing Tennyson’s poem! I didn’t know it was read at New Year in Sweden. The final couplet is perfect for the current world situation.

  2. I like your fervor here, Bjorn. I also see merit in Tennyson’s poem being read each year. Nice choice of following his style in your quadrille.

  3. Ring out the war, ring in the peace
    ring for foe’s defeat; ring and never cease.

    Great close Bjorn! Rhyming and very much craved for to have it end. Are the Ukraine peoples not entitled to peace?


  4. I absolutely love this, especially the last two lines, your change in cadence that emphasizes the words. I wish I could write like you. BTW, Redon is one of my favorite painters. I have his “Boat in the Moonlight” in my living room.

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