Elle looked younger than her thirty-something, so when she registered on Tinder it didn’t take long for the creeps to start swiping her. 

She realized in the way they told her about themselves that they took her for a minor. 

She sighed and had almost removed her profile when a face from her past popped up:

Adrian, her English teacher. She had a crush on him in seventh grade, before he showed his real face. 

Still a pedo-creep; he didn’t even recognize her, but still used the same words he had used to “seduce” her at fourteen, quoting sleazy pseudo-poetry..

All her failed relationships, and every effort to find romance had been quashed because of what he did to her.

“Death is quite romantic”, she mused, booking a date with shadows from her past.

Tomorrow, not even his headstone would ever darken her days.

Young Girl Reading
Mary Cassatt

Today I host Prosery at dVerse where we write prose that has to include a line from a poem. My choice was to use the line

“To her, death is quite romantic”

From Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row.

October 10, 2022

14 responses to “Pseudo-Poetry

  1. I know very little about Tindr and will keep it that way, especially after reading your story, Björn! What a way to get revenge, though! I’m glad I haven’t encountered any sleazy pseudo-poetry. I love the phrase ‘booking a date with shadows from her past’.

  2. A revenge drama using 21st century apps. Old (evil) habits die hard, but they will die, one way or another. Great storytelling, Björn.

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