Summer, my darling

Summer defeated by frost
sulking she left, carried by geese
southbound leaving for autumn
succulent grapes on the vines,

Leaves wrought by wind from the trees
leisurely falling. my face
lends a cushion briefly before
leaf leaves the sky blue. decaying

Darkness, dangerous beast, sends us
dampness of dusk, a depression
darker than black, consuming my
daring remembrance of summer

Today Grace hosts dVerse with Mongolian Meter, a syllabic form of 7-8 syllables that is head rhymed of quatrains.

October 6, 2022

12 responses to “Summer, my darling

  1. I so love summer and I am apprehensive of the darkness of the long winter. Admiring each mood that you created with each stanza, summer sulking, autumn leaves leisurely falling, and dark beast of winter.

  2. The concept of this form seems to resonate in the “hokku” fashion of extended communal poetry that Basho did, leading to haiku. The style, rhythm, and most important, the “indirect connection” of themes. Stress on the first syllable is very noticeable in Hungarian, a language said to have originated in this Asian region.

  3. So well composed, Björn, and in three stanzas! I love the personification of summer sulking and the alliteration in the final stanza – and you have geese in your poem, perfect for autumn

  4. Luv the defeated Summer which sulks in the depression of a victorious winter. A small battle starkly revealed


  5. The “defeat” of summer, the “decaying” of autumn, the foreboding “beast” of “darkness,” all engulf us in the persona’s sense of oppression — powerful use of imagery, Björn. Yes, winter’s on its way.

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