Between the shelves

Between the shelves
in a golden afternoon
he dwells,
the aged aged man
and lost librarian,
no longer eye-candy
but still my fancy
‘cause he knows the questions
to pair with all
my answers,
carefully collected,
obstinately carried
to his spot
between the shelves.

Burgundian scribe Jean Miélot in his scriptorium (15th century)

Today Sannaa hosts at dVerse with a possibility to do use titles from Lewis Carrol (at least three) in the poem, or use any version of candy inside. I used:

The aged aged man
All in the golden afternoon
My fancy

I felt inspired and also included the word “eye” while keeping it to 44 words, which means I can also link up to this week’s Quadrille.

March 8, 2022

23 responses to “Between the shelves

  1. This gorgeously rendered, Bjorn! I so love the clever way in which you include “eye candy,” here hence combining both the prompts. Thank you so much for writing 💝💝

  2. At a point about half way through comes the gap moment, when one becomes aware of the seaminglessness of this verse, and how it unfolds, each line even better…great description of the librarian’s mind Bjorn..

  3. Oh the poor dearcis old but he still holds the wisdom of his craft. Nice one

    Much love…

  4. Always cool to meet multiple prompts. I feel like the bulk of this one heralds and celebrates Carroll, which is cool. I liked,” cause he know the questions to pair with my answers”.

  5. This is so clever – meeting two conditions and doing it so beautifully. Loved the first three lines- describes a library setting perfectly.

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