Ravenous, I eye you,
scrutinizing slips of skin
gawking, ogling
how smoothly hair
will wind around my hand
before I yank and drag you
to submission.

But I meet your gaze
and your flick-knife-smile
that innocence,
turning me from hunter
into prey.

The Murderess
Edvard Munch

Today I host the Quadrille at dVerse. As usual, the form is simple, 44 words exactly, and it must contain the word of today, which is “eye”, also prey contains an eye. This poem started with me pondering how to use the homophones I and eye. I know it is sinister, and it is truly fictional.

March 7, 2021

64 responses to “Preyed

  1. wonderfully strong turn – especially the use of these lines:
    But I meet your gaze
    and your flick-knife-smile

    absolutely so powerful!

  2. This poem sucked me right in, quite like the gaze you speak of in this compelling writing! Loving this line the most: “and your flick-knife-smile . . .” ❤

  3. “Your flick-knife-smile” …..legend…legend…tables turned…dark, wicked, delightful, tense, fun, tight, 44 words…

  4. I’m so glad you added that this was fictional! 😀 I like the “flick-knife smile,” too–that sound indicating quick and swift, perhaps also reptilian.

  5. And it can turn just like that. Chilling photo reminds me of some horror movies where a person wakes up and the monster is standing in the room. Such a deft composition.

  6. Wow!!! A bit of a tango there.
    Masterfully written. Tension in your players works for a dramatic piece.

    Much love.

  7. Oh my yes….you’ve captured the Munch painting so very well. These words are chilling: “and your flick-knife-smile” when we read to the end.

  8. Wonderful write Bjorn! Please read my DARK post — “Last Dance” …have .I finally lost it?

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