A sound advice

You may bellow out in rage
or acting mellow, while
you blabber trifle matters
seething slowly in your fury
until imploding to yourself,
burning and forever buried
under gravity of all perceived
injustice in this vacant world.

Or, maybe, wiser., turn your
back on bickering and clamor
and beseech the dulcet
symphonies of gardens,
libraries and verse
and if you cannot choose
a path of harmony today
at least, when spring
is back; remember bird-
song and the scent of grass

Today Laura hosts at dVerse and asks us to celebrate thesaurus day. One alternative is to chose to Write a SOUND POEM which includes AT LEAST ONE from EACH of the FIVE HEARING CATEGORY SELECTIONS below:

  • bellow; clink; drone; jingle; quiver;
  • clamour; dissonant; rip-roaring; tempestuous; vociferous;
  • dulcet: honeyed; poetic; sonorous; tonal;
  • blabber; cackle; dribble; gurgle; seethe;
  • beseech; chant; drawl; embellish; intone

January 18, 2022

22 responses to “A sound advice

  1. This is gorgeously worded, Bjorn! I resonate with; ” turn your back on bickering and clamor and beseech the dulcet symphonies of gardens,”.. it’s no doubt the wisest thing to do 💝💝

  2. Yes, the two stanzas both compliment and oppose each other. There is plenty to bellow about within the chaos of the day, but the sweetness and soundness of the second stanza balances the moment. Like in WEST SIDE STORY–“Got a rocket in your pocket? Play it cool, boy!”

  3. I like the fact that you have the caveat for ‘if you cannot choose
    a path of harmony today”. It’s very easy to give advice on how someone should react, when change is normally slow and gradual for people. It works so well with the patience, and kindness in that second stanza.

  4. I enjoyed the contrast between the two and how you left room for hope at the end. I know this isn’t the best of seasons for you, but just wait and see, spring will spring in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

  5. What a clever title, Björn, and the integration of sounds, verse, and garden imagery makes each poem a new plant needing time and attention (such as that fertilizer of Roget’s thesaurus) to grow into its full capability.

  6. A great sound poem, Björn! I agree that there is too much blabber in this world, and would much rather:

    ‘when spring
    is back; remember bird-
    song and the scent of grass’

  7. Very sound advice! ‘Beseech the dulcet symphonies of libraries and verse’. Lovely wording – enjoyed this very much.

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