Nothing to celebrate

Covid shadows still prowl in the footsteps of last year’s passing, and even if we are on the other side of solstice, daylight never gets brighter than dusk. The holiday passed and I didn’t turn on my work computer, still, it waited, lurking and ready for this year’s first workday. I have followed the news and resigned to blend with this darkness, pretending that somewhere, someplace we could raise our flutes to celebrate matters improving.

this grey within grey —
daylight sluggishly drifting
shrouded in clouds

Today it is Haibun Monday as dVerse opens again with Lisa hosting. The topic is celebration and the return to normal which it does for many of us after the holiday season (though Thursday is actually a Holiday here in Sweden).

January 3, 2021

23 responses to “Nothing to celebrate

  1. I feel the oppressive weight of a heavy January depression here. For me, all the depression hangs over October – December, and by now it is starting to lift! But I know it is a difficult time for many.

  2. Bjorn, it would be very difficult to have the sky not lighten beyond dusk day after day. I just read what you said about your buddy’s situation. Hoping you two can help lift each other up.

  3. This has been a very difficult year, and the dreary, dark days don’t help. You capture it well. I’m sorry about your friend, too. And the news–COVID and politics.

  4. So much of the day is still wrapped in grey clouds and snow. I can feel that sluggish mood creeping and staying longer. But the days will be longer now. Cheers!

  5. “Resigned to blend…the grey within the grey” – I feel these lines in my bones during these winter months of the pandemic. Well penned, Björn!

  6. I wondered how many would mark reality in their haibuns. Oddly, I am thankful that you went for it – elegant without being oppressive, starkly cruel without pain. Ah, back to work, again.

  7. You captured the cruel reality of the present times well. There is nothing to celebrate when things continue to get worse–it’s anxiety inducing, really. It’s almost like how can we pretend things are okay when they aren’t? There is no return to normal, if normal was all it ever was. Beautifully and gracefully written!

  8. It has been a difficult couple of years. I had to quit watching the news commentators. They just regurgitate bad news and drama! Sorry you are feeling so gray. Do you use the uv light to help you through this time of the year?

  9. we’re in this together, though in some places the sun is still not in the same place as it is in others. It will get there, promise. In the meantime, enjoy the dimming lights. I know you know to find the holy in that.
    Happy New Year, Bjorn. I send you sunshine and warmth to help ease the transition. I also wish you miracles as always.

  10. On the one hand, I agree… on the other hand, I feel that there is usually something to celebrate – people have found reasons to celebrate throughout history even under horrible circumstances – even if for no other reason than to keep their faith up…


  11. Wonderfully expressed! 🙂 Yeah, this is a tough time, I suppose, the holidays have not particularly been days of celebrations… hopefully, this year may give us something to celebrate! 😀

  12. I hear a shred of hope in that I pick up a waiting, the time is not right yet but it may well come, it just hasn’t arrived yet?

  13. It really was difficult to celebrate this year with Covid, and I felt like I was the only one in my family not celebrating like we aren’t in a pandemic. Hopefully, the tide will turn and we can soon celebrate. At least you managed a break from the mundane work.

  14. It is a very dark time. So true, Bjorn. The weight of it all does feel oppressive. You have captured that so well. Today, we heard more hard news friends of ours are carrying into this new year also, on the heels of my own recent diagnosis and another friend just having completed her round of treatment.

    Life isn’t easy right now, that’s for sure. But I am thankful for the light – even in your post and its genuine and resounding empathy.

  15. Superb, and full…those two first lines…of the prose, and of the haiku…unsurpassable….how your words remind me of nordic winters as well as of the times.

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