Might of moon

Moon, my
glowing princess,
queen of sparkle
lady mighty mirror.
Moon, my
matriarchal empress
of silver luminescence
painting paths
across the ocean.
Moon, my
soft seductress
moaning might.
Moon, I
set with you
my sterling sails
across a sea of night.

Moonlight on the lake Roundhay Park Leeds
John Atkinson Grimshaw

The word for the Quadrille today at dVerse is tinsel, is hosted by Mishj and made me moon-wild. Since today is Saint Lucy’s day I should probably have gone wild with the tinsel of Saint Lucia instead.

December 13, 2021

33 responses to “Might of moon

  1. Oh how I love the voice and repetition of this poem…you can feel the admiration and how dear Luna is cherished
    “sea of night” is a lovely ending

  2. Incredible as always with your micro-lines, thumping through my mind like a heartbeat shot through with quicksilver.

  3. Fantastic. I feel like I should take the poem to an Irish Pub, stand up on a chair, and recite it; so full of erotic whimsey and affable alliteration.

  4. Moon, my glowing princess,
    queen of sparkle duchess,
    lady my matriarchal empress

    Great to see the wonder of the moon all depicted by great lines befitting that of a fine lady


  5. To not be carried away by the “empress moon” would be to have a heart of stone: she is the “soft seductress” of our nights. You’ve given us a feast of beauty in 44 words, Bjorn.

  6. Bjorn, you can feel how this flowed from you, loved tinsel-temptress and sterling sails. The whole poem was magnificent and made me smile.

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