Wilted chaos

In the bottom drawer
of his desk he keeps
his pieces, parts,,
and scribbled shorthand
notes and fragments,
pebble-thoughts and pearls

They are clamped together
with infernal shopping lists
for celebratory dinners
once eaten by his desk
in solitude;

There are IOU’s
from friends who passed,
receipts for paper,
ink and screws, his will
and the paper of divorce
he never signed;

there are quotes he wrote
himself and aphorisms,
a sonnet for a visitor
with whom he parted ways,
passport photos, tickets, briefs

In the bottom drawer
of his desk he keeps
his wilted chaos under lock and key,
while on the shelves beyond
(his library, his life)
perfection rules.

Wilted flower, my own picture

Today I host Open Link Live at dVerse which starts at 9 PM CET. I will read my new librarian poem.

December 9. 2021

25 responses to “Wilted chaos

  1. Loved this, Bjorn. I feel the librarian is coming into focus, his “wilted chaos” kept “under lock and key” escaping the “bottom drawer” to be devoured by our curiosity: a trail of a life short of perfection like the rest of us, yet as a librarian impeccable and tidy.

  2. You hooked me with “the paper of divorce he never signed”. The librarian is a enigmatic figure, a man of mystery, and he collects secrets like others collect jewels.

  3. Wonderful. The duality is telling, between the disorder and order. Again, as always, superb flow of ideas and sounds.

  4. I very much enjoyed hearing you read this today. The loneliness of a restrainted life takes front and center, regardless of whether examining the “wilted chaos” of memory baubles in the drawer or in the sterility of the rules perfection he lives under.

  5. I hear a loneliness in this, a separation from, a loss of connection. The details make me think of what he has gone through by what is left behind. I especially like, “he keeps
    his wilted chaos under lock and key,”
    while elsewhere his life is organized to perfection. Humans are full of contradictions, aren’t we?
    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it.

  6. This is exquisitely drawn, Bjorn! 😀 I especially like; “there are quotes he wrote himself and aphorisms, a sonnet for a visitor with whom he parted ways.” 💝💝

  7. Luv the contrast presented in every verse. And to top it off the perfection within all of the chaos in the end verse


  8. The librarian hides his chaos well, since order is his path..yet chaos is part of what makes order needed and loved. And I love these poems about him. This one gives us both the usual glimpse into his soul,his ways, but also a glimpse into our own, where we may be trying to master what otherwise would master us.

  9. This may be one of my favorite Librarian poems. I really love it.
    This “wilted chaos” that he keeps locked up along with parts of his mind, I assume, and the hints of his personal life and losses in the unsigned divorce papers–just wonderful.

  10. Great metaphor and imagery! Life is full of little odds and ends that fill our drawers, and that wilted chaos we just keep under lock and key, in bottom drawer. The human experience is rather messy! ❣

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