Flower moon and fawns

When the flower moon turns its pale face to the evening dusk, the sun has barely set. Black-birds still holler and the scent of bird cherries fills the May twilight. It drizzled earlier today and the cowslips still bend, laden with rain. The forget-me-nots have started to bloom, and my garden mind its own business.

During the weekend a deer gave birth to two kids in a remote corner of the garden and hid them for a while among the lilies of the valley. I think she has found her way back to the forest with her litter.

budding lilacs
waiting for last day of school —
soft hands of a girl

A newborn fawn from our garden

Today Frank hosts Haibun moon at dVerse and want us to write to the flower moon, the full moon of May.

May 24, 2021

31 responses to “Flower moon and fawns

  1. I am so glad that you too have had the experience of deer being born in your garden, Björn! I haven’t seen any recently, but I’m always on the lookout. I love the hollering blackbirds and the bent cowslip. We too have forget-me-nots.

  2. This is beautiful and delicate, like the new born deer! I love the atmosphere evoked in your descriptions: ‘the cowslips still bend, laden with rain.’ Just lovely!

  3. Gentleness, birth and rebirth, all intertwined within a bouquet of words; Thank you for the “feel good” poetics. I adore your haiku.

  4. Immersive descriptors of your garden, which has the air of Eden about it. The visual of a mother deer and her kids in lily of the valley in a hidden corner is as close to perfect as perfect gets. Lovely!

  5. Such beautiful prose. Descriptive enough to really put you there. I wish a fawn had kids in my garden instead of just eating my tulips.

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