Finding a home

The dilapidated house looked nothing like the description in the ad. Sure, it said that “some touch-up required”, but this needs a bulldozer, thought Steve. 

Alas Elle was excited; she loved anything old and rundown — like him for instance. Steve sighed, following. 

He saw what needed to be done; where Elle saw the potential he only saw work; this place is fine only if you are a dreamer. 

“Come in”, a soft voice seemed to beckon, and as they crossed the threshold, they saw how the evening sunlight grazed the worn hardwood floors and how the layers of peeling wallpapers told of previous owners.

Steve took Elle’s hand and brought it to his lips, and finally he began daring to dream.

The old house sighed in relief; it had been spared for yet another generation by flaunting its sunset view of the garden.

I managed to get a story done finally, and I have incorporated the line “If you are a dreamer, come in” from Shel Silverstein’s poem Invitation as published in his book Where the Sidewalk Ends. Lilian has selected and hosts dVerse today.

April 12, 2021

21 responses to “Finding a home

  1. Good on Steve. His love for Elle gave him the energy he needed to rise to the occasion. I like your take on the prompt. You always find a clever way to incorporate the poetic line.

  2. This line made me smile:
    “Alas Elle was excited; she loved anything old and rundown — like him for instance. ”
    I especially like the way you separated Silverstein’s line into two paragraphs. The story is a good one….and I love that by the end, we know the house is a living feeling thing.

  3. Ah, the understatements that estate agents sell us on. Even the best kept houses turn out to have all sorts hiding in the woodwork. At least for this pair they knew what they were getting themselves in for. I love the line “she loved anything old and rundown — like him”, made me chuckle as I read it.

  4. Some places are meant to be, no matter how worn and tattered. “A soft voice seemed to beckon as they crossed the threshhold” is a powerful portal. Who could resist? Seems a homey place to live and to dream with a loved one.

  5. You’ve made this old house into an intriguing place, possibly creating happy dreams for the couple.❤️🙏

  6. I did smile at your lines about the bulldozer and ‘anything old and run down.’ Sometimes even an empty shell can be full of potential. Great story!

  7. Ok, first of all, I think you incapable of writing poorly. Second of all, I always, always love it when somebody splits up the prompt line – you made my day, Björn 🙂


  8. I’m so glad the dilapidated was able to flash up its dream in the sunset to Steve and Elle, Björn. As well as them finding a new home, it found new owners. I especially love the line about Elle loving ‘anything old and rundown — like him for instance’ – it made me smile.

  9. You’ve challenged me with your expertise of splitting the line so smoothly. I like the added personification at the end, giving a new perspective from the house itself.

  10. A very imaginative and creative writing. I like all of it, the breaking of the prompt, the ending sentence, and how you put humor in your writing too. Enjoyed it very much.

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