My lonesome shirt

Regrets remains 
in its jaundiced collar 
and the cuffs 
too frayed,
too greyed 
it’s off-white now with
Bolognese stains
, a missing button
mildly mildew scented
, but still

I hope 
& add detergent
, bleach 
, warm-wash, hoping
that maybe once again 
to sense that scent
of sun & you, 

Sunday sleep-drunk
sipping coffee-smiles
, while 
dressed in white of  this
, my lonesome shirt.

Seated nude with a Shirt
Amedeo Modigliani

Today De hosts at dVerse with a prompt on Laundry at dVerse, welcome to take a spin with us all.

March 30, 2021

21 responses to “My lonesome shirt

  1. No wonder this shirt was lonesome, Björn! I feel sorry for it, such a sorry item of clothing; it seems was somewhat neglected in the laundry department. I’m so glad there’s detergent and bleach to hand. What a great ending, too!

  2. I’m drawn to the personalization and homeliness of the shirt and what it means to the holder of it. That is a beautiful painting, such lovely lines and colors.

  3. This is absolutely stellar writing, Bjorn 😀 I love the poignancy of “warm-wash, hoping that maybe once again to sense that scent of sun & you.”💝💝

  4. So sad to think of this lonesome shirt trying to conjure up memories of fragrant lovestruck days… smells are very strongly attached to memory.

  5. Great poem Bjorn. The feeling of loss and the scent of the past is always there I always say those old shirts are like a hug to me when I wear them.

  6. A lovely romance poem. 🙂 It reminds me a little of Leonard Cohen – “Waiting for Marianne” – in which he has lost a telephone with her smell in it. A poetic and nostalgic and evocative take on the prompt.

  7. Such heartfelt longing in a humble shirt. I especially liked coffee-smiles. If that’s not a thing before. It is now! ❤️

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