Small Flies and Other Wings

The way you smile
is how the candlelight
may briefly blaze a grey-
winged moth into 
a fiery butterfly;

this brilliant moment is
how my breath and
my heartbeats 
are kindled, burning
but as you turn
and leave me as
a fly, incarcerated ash

Small Flies and Other Wings, by Christine Ay Tjoe

Today Laura hosts at dVerse and she asks us to write Ekphratic from the title of a selection of paintings. I wrote this without looking at the picture first and I think it almost worked.

March 23, 2021

20 responses to “Small Flies and Other Wings

  1. Oh my gosh, Bjorn. This is amazing! Anyone who has been around a “bug zapper” or a campfire when a but is caught in the heat and there is a sudden and very quick brief flare-up, sometimes accompanied by a sizzle, can experience this poem! And in the second stanza, it is that brief and fleeting flare-up of love or lust or passion, so quickly gone upon desertion. Love turned to incinerated ash.
    I really really like this one!

  2. Works? This poem hits the ball out of the park, Bjorn! 💝 From the opening image to the last, you describe perfectly the sizzling chemistry that’s experienced upon first contact and then later disintegrated. Bravo! 😀

  3. A “fiery butterfly” turned into “a fly, incarcerated ash” — strong imagery to match the strong notes of passion and pain, expansion and diminishment. Beautifully crafted.

  4. I never thought of seeing that fly, incarcerated ash. The fiery butterfly description was a good one to capture the colors of the photo. Great that the words complemented the photo Bjorn.

  5. I was tempted by that title, Björn, which has so many possibilities, and I love where the wings flew you! From grey-winged moth to fiery butterfly and fly and incarcerated ash, you’ve captured fleeting moments vividly and beautifully. Your poem deserves a gasp! Ah!

  6. Love it Bjorn! It tallies with the painting after viewing it most definitely. It goes to show that an accomplished poet can readily catch the intention of the prompt on the first instance even before writing the poem.!


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