Tie me not

Tie me not with cash
or chain me down
to properties or gold;

if you say that
freedom can be caged
I’ll break my bonds;
I’ll leave;

but whisper wind 
and wrap 
me to your life
and I will knot 
my heart with yours.

The Beautiful Lady Without Pity
John William Waterhouse

Quadrille with Mish at dVerse and the word is knot, hope this works.

March 22, 2020

33 responses to “Tie me not

  1. Such a clever weaving of the prompt word! Love the sound-play of the ending
    ‘and I will knot/
    my heart with yours’
    Almost like you wouldn’t, but it turns out you would…

  2. I love the wordplay, Björn, and, coincidentally, I had a card of ‘The Beautiful Lady Without Pity’ for many years which sadly was lost in one of my many moves. The last stanza of your quadrille is delicate, romantic and memorable.

  3. You’re so tender and vulnerable here. As I read the words, an image of two canaries in a gilded cage came to mind. Do you think that now that they have each other, there is no need for them to sing?

  4. I like the idea that freedom can ultimately entwine two hearts. The contrasts are profound and so beautifully rendered.

  5. This is very romantic. No chains, ties, cages, or bonds, just softness and open movement. I should use this as a life motto. Much enjoyed.

  6. Oh this is a proposal most earnest and sweet. I have a midlevel visual going in my mind before I saw the lovely accompanying art. Beautiful.

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