Dare me dear, 
to spread my wings;
drift with winds 
and sail on thermal waves 
to wait and gaze 

before we see 
a flicker through the haze
and swiftly dive to dart,
to pierce the plump, 
delicious rabbit’s flesh;

blood becoming lunch 
delightful, fresh.

Eagles and a hare by Bruno Liljefors

Sarah hosts the Quadrille today at dVerse, and the word is swift.

March 8, 2022

21 responses to “Lunchtime

  1. Oh, a slightly different bird – brutally efficient. I like the slightly patrician tone of your eagles. They definitely feel they are above the rest of us!

  2. I saw the title, ‘Lunchtime’ and thought you might be writing about a swift pint at the pub. Your bird of prey was a big surprise, Björn! Poor rabbit!

  3. So many key words that jump out here:
    “dare” sets the tone
    “a flicker through the haze”
    “plump, delicious”
    “delightful, fresh”
    I like the we in here which means they hunt in pairs.
    Their babies will eat well today.

  4. I think this was written with relish! I definitely get a sense of the birds’ relish in their freshly-killed feast…

  5. Leaving the first stanza on “wait and gaze” works really well. Gives the poem that pause of a bird of prey as it seems to just hang in the air above it’s prey, that holding of breath as you wait to see what it does

  6. I think the swifts dine on insects. The eagle, however, is swift to draw blood!

  7. These lines are perfect for an eagle’s majesty:
    “drift with winds
    and sail on thermal waves”
    And this for their speed:
    “and swiftly dive to dart”
    A raptor in a dive is indeed swift.

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