Not forever but…

It’s not forever but 
we never sought
this dull endeavor
of none and null 
and staying put 
alone, six feet apart
to wash our hands
and banning hugs 
behaving well and hope 
that others do as well.

It’s been a year 
of nought and nil
and lacking thrills
of binging cook-book shows
and learning skills
to bake, to cook and 
making sauerkraut,
to count each step 
convert to days, to weeks, to months.

A year is not forever
but I hope that soon
this lingering in limbo
has passed
and we can meet again.

Down on his luck
Frederick McCubbin

Today it’s almost a year since I last went to the office, and it’s been a weird year of change…

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March 4, 2021

32 responses to “Not forever but…

  1. This is incredibly hard-hitting and poignant, Bjorn! It has definitely been difficult due to Covid ., so much has changed and so much is being yearned for by many.. I resonate with; “a year of nought and nil and lacking thrills of binging cook-book shows and learning skills to bake, to cook.” Hopefully the coming days will bear good news. 💝

  2. It’s hard to believe it has been a year. I was talking about it with friends and family today. I even relocated twice and managed to travel a couple of other times but I have still found it dull and limiting at times! There have been lots of opportunities for growth but I think I would like to travel again now.

  3. This is painful and poignant Björn. Like Saana I really feel the “year of nought and nil”. I also feel the very heavy weight of “this lingering in limbo”.
    Hopefully before the year is out we will have gotten partway back to a new normal. ❤️

  4. I know the feeling, a weird year of change indeed, Björn. I keep telling myself it’s not forever, but it does seem to be dragging on. My husband went back to work on Monday, after two months on furlough, and today I felt lonely again for the first time in ages, and I had trouble concentrating and writing, which is not like me at all.

  5. I ache for the same, and that we can hold hands and share cocktails and sway in concerts. It seems like a dream this past life of togetherness.

  6. Your poem is bang on, brother. Yet the light is brighter at the end of the tunnel; death is being pushed back, and 3 vaccines are being put in 2 millions arms per day. But it is not over yet, and a fourth surge is imminent as weak-willed and ignorant are relaxing too soon.

  7. I like how you repeated the first line and added hope to it. We are living through times now that one day we will look back on and wonder how we managed it. Beautiful poem.

  8. A long drawn out year, of adjusting to imposed solitude,
    We can make it through this new normal, with lessons learned
    Thanks for dropping by my blog to read mine Björn


  9. You capture this so well. It has been a long, strange year. We’re so used to staying in–it will be weird to gather again. (Or get a haircut.)

  10. “It’s been a year of nought and nil and lacking thrills,” I couldn’t have said it better! I wasn’t so bored as to make sauerkraut but I did cook some, haha! Mainly cookies.🥳🥳

  11. The new normal is beginning to be around for some time. The near future is getting further and further away and making things topsy-turvy. It is very real if one is contributing to the ever-growing number of unemployed. The vaccine provides hope but not just yet!


  12. One of the biggest challenges in life is choosing what you have been handed.
    Your poem spoke to me.
    “we never sought
    this dull endeavor
    of none and null
    and staying put”
    I am so ready to be with the communities of people I miss and love. Thankful we can still write and share with each other line.

  13. I hear you and know this resonates with many but frankly I find it hilarious that you’ve paired it with an artwork of a swaggie in our bush … our restrictions lifted sometime ago. Our lives have returned to ‘normal’ except for overseas travel. I’ve even been hugged twice, that was so weird. I don’t post much about it but I’ve been on trips, going to classes, running classes, we are free to wander anywhere in our vast country

    Pray you all get through this okay

  14. Yes. A year ago this week, I remember well. We are all now straining at the bit. Hopefully we’ll all come away with some insight as you’ve found in your poem.

  15. This hits really hard and it definitely is germane to, well, everything going on currently. It’s a horrible feeling being so isolated, withdrawn from physical touch and how it exacerbates us mentally. Eloquently penned!

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