Two women and an (almost) man

Embraced but later left;
(such theft)
a subtle trace of lipstick left;
such tricks
had him exposed,
bereft of both,
they’re gone
instead of two
in none;
his vessel filled 
is spilled;
he’s having nil
except regret 
of having lost
what he loved most.

Two women and a man ( Trio)

Today Merril hosts the Quadrille at dVerse, and the word is embrace. I tried to write a bit of moral analogy. I believe his two lovers became an item actually.

February 8, 2021

34 responses to “Two women and an (almost) man

  1. Stellar writing, Bjorn! I love the image “subtle trace of lipstick,” 🙂 a classic case of two-timing gone wrong.

  2. At first I saw only the title, Björn, which intrigued me and I tried to work out what the poem might be about, and then the image caught my eye. Finally, I read the poem, which reminded me of a song called ‘Triad’ by David Crosby, recorded by The Byrds and then on the Crosby Stills and Nash album ‘Four Way Street’. I like the way you started with the prompt word and the repetition of ‘left’ in two of its meanings.

  3. Well that would be poetic justice if the women did get together! Nice take on the prompt – caught by ‘lipstick on his collar’ – the oldest slip-up in the book!

  4. Ahhh, I love this! A beautiful poem using such moral analogy. It’s a horrible thing to deceive your partner, probably one of the worst things one can do to someone they claim to love.

    I love the ending in this one–he has to understand his loss because of his selfish actions. Hopefully, the two women did get together.

  5. Clever and clarity, with a bit of moist morality, brother. Men have to combat their hormones and instincts. Of course there are women who cheat as well. Perhaps the 60’s allowed us too much sexual freedom, and it was/is hard to exorcise those lust demons.

  6. Woe be the man if the two lovers get together. Hell truly hath no fury! Beautifully captured drama in your poem.

  7. This is the comment to keep
    The trio certainly didn’t work well . Does it ever

    Happy Monday

  8. It is wonderful how you wrote a poem about the reality of a love triangle.

    I have tried to write a short story based on a parallel universe. All the characters are affected by someone whom is not quite a woman.
    It is based on England and Scotland. For the first time I have decided to use a Score Rubic so I do not sound bias. It took me a month and I hope it inspires you too.

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