How I miss you

It was never the footsteps 
you left in the sand by the deck
nor the breadcrumbs
I slept on, night after night.
It wasn’t your scent 
of socks that never been washed
nor the way you cackled 
whenever I stumbled or fell.

I miss you in vacuum, 
in nothing of boredom,
in the lightness of silence, 
in the way, I keep walking in circles, 
looking at shadows
imagining itch
from your breadcrumbs, 
longing for odors of sweat
and merciless scorn.
I miss you like measles, 
rodents and scab.

Study in solitude
Chronis Botsoglou

Today it’s dVerse OLN and I thought I would write something funny… not sue I succeeded…. see you on the trail. For those I cannot visit tonight I will come around again on Sunday.

February, 4 2021

32 responses to “How I miss you

  1. Your “dark” humor stands tall. What an interesting piece. Your narrator goes from milk toast victim to strong individual. Yes, a fun, yet dramatic read.

  2. This is incredibly dark and humorous, Bjorn! I enjoyed the transition from “It wasn’t your scent of socks,” to “I miss you like measles,
    rodents and scab.” A strong write! 💝

  3. You made me chuckle with this poem, Björn – it’s very down-to-earth and somewhat in the way of the negative poems we’ve written in the past, like ‘This is not a love song’. The lines that made me burst out laughing are:
    ‘It wasn’t your scent
    of socks that never been washed’
    ‘I miss you like measles,
    rodents and scab’.
    These lines made me feel sad:
    ‘I miss you…
    in the way, I keep walking in circles,
    looking at shadows’.

  4. There are some lovely light touches here but the overall message seems quite dark: ‘longing for odors of sweat/and merciless scorn.’ Sounds like a love-hate relationship at best!

  5. Ah dear Bjorn, Good to be back here… You play with us still, sometimes darkly.. And of course you have the skillls to do it very effectively. Very nice…

  6. Bjorn, I willingly bit into the big red shiny apple and realized the flesh was mushy after a few chews. The poem screams in resonance for me. I wonder which hell is worse — their presence or their absence.

  7. I am. Ot sure whether I should cry or laugh. Maybe a little of both, which is reality! I remember measles as a child. I hated being sick, but how I miss the attention only measles could have given.

  8. there are definitely somethings we would never miss … they exist to remind us to enjoy the wondrous things, the simple moments!

    I can smell those socks from here, phew

  9. There comes a point when a person can stand back and look with humour at circumstances which cut us to the bone. I think perhaps you’ve found that place to stand and reshape it with humour. I certainly laughed when I read “I miss you like measles”

  10. This poem is so incredibly relatable. Particularly these fantastic lines:

    I miss you in vacuum,
    in nothing of boredom,
    in the lightness of silence,
    in the way, I keep walking in circles,

    Loved this.


  11. Gosh, Björn, maybe I’m a bit “off” but I thought this was kind of…romantic. Like loving someone despite all their faults, that even if they annoy you when they are there (like measles, rodents and scab) that you know they serve some type of higher purpose in your life. Are you sure this is not an early Valentine’s Day poem? 😍😉😁

  12. “I miss you like measles and rodents” omg you owe me a new keyboard, because I spittaked all over this one.

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