Clouds above a sea calm

When — my sweetheart did we get lost,
wayward drifting on these wild and windless waters?
Where —  my darling, did we part ways, 
with me at sea and you at shore?
Why —  my dearest, can you find ease,
moored at comfort in my brother’s arms?

Clouds above a sea calm
Ivan Aivazovsky

Today we are writing a Quadrille with Lisa at dVerse. We are using the word “way”, and I thought I would go for the word wayward.

January 25, 2021

29 responses to “Clouds above a sea calm

  1. Wayward is a fabulous word to use, Björn! I love I love the alliteration in ‘wayward drifting on these wild and windless waters’ and the way you structured your poem with questions. There is a whole story in these 44 words.

  2. Sometimes that is how it feels and we do need to question. I enjoyed the format and inquiries of your poem. Maybe the calm is where to start again.

  3. ‘wayward drifting on these wild and windless waters’ – love the alliteration. Wise choice of words and a great way to use the prompt!

  4. Was the brother’s name Cain, Abel or Judas? Your last line really twists the blade, as the bitch did to her sailor boy.

  5. Who knows the answers to this whodunit, only that it hurts and hurts. You’ve nailed the prompt and wayward a wonderful word not used nearly enough.

  6. Such roiling contrasts here – ‘wild and windless waters’ – emphasising both the restless questioning of his heart and the calm the poet knows in his head he must accept. I get the sense of this going round and round – with each of these questions returning unanswered.

  7. Love all the alliteration within this way poem! Beautifully penned with a poignant ending. Is it sibling rivalry or just another man…leaves one wondering.

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