Old man winter

wearing worsted wool
and well-laced boots
old man winter 
came at last to visit,
frosting trees and painting
rosy cheeks 
on children (and on us)
playing, skiing in the snow
a weekend to survive
while passing time
until spring and vaccines
turns it back to normal
so we may spend
our money and our time
shopping at the mall
cursing winter
like we did before

From Olle’s aki-trip by Elsa Beskow

Today we write about connections at dVerse with Merrill and I feel so elated after a weekend of winter (finally) when we went skiing a bit.

January 19. 2021

28 responses to “Old man winter

  1. I’m pleased you finally got a taste of winter, Bjorn! I found these lines interesting:
    ‘back to normal
    so we may spend
    our money and our time
    shopping at the mall’
    I was thinking about this the other day as I wandered round a deserted mall. Was this the measure of my life before? And do I want to go back to that? It would certainly be nice to have some semblance of normality, but I hope I remember the lessons I’ve learned in lockdown!

  2. “Icicle-bearded,” is such a fantastic image of winter, Bjorn! 💝 Hopefully normalcy will return soon to our world. Here’s hoping mankind has learned something during this turbulent phase.

  3. I’m glad you got to enjoy some winter. I’m OK with spring coming soon. 😀
    Yes, I hope we’ve learned some lessons from all of this–though I suspect some will never learn.

  4. A joyous winter connection to childhood and enjoying nature, that (almost) makes us content that “normal” may not return.

  5. Point so well made with re the shopping mall and (hopefully) lessons learned during quarantine. I liked this very much.

  6. as a wearer of a beard normaly (not at the moment as it rubs on the masks i use) i am glad england is to warm for me to be icicle-beared.
    connection made here

  7. Your poetic connection writhe and undulate like magical tree roots; impressive. So cool you could enjoy Winter versus bitching about it.

  8. We were single-digit overnight & low teens all day. ICK. Bring on some H-E-A-T PLEEEZE.. I’m glad you’re happy, though, BR. Fantastic homage to chill, this one, esp love the icicle-beard opening line.

  9. I go for two walks a day. I find being outside helps to clear my head. I am glad you got out. I hope we remember the joy nature brought us during this pandemic and re-think how we care for our planet.

  10. See how much ww take for granted. A shift in the stars and we will be back on track again. Vaccines closing distances.
    Happy you dropped by to read mine Björn


  11. I thought at first that this was a whimsical poem for you, Björn, a nostalgic trip back to childhood, but it didn’t last long! Our snow was short-lived too, and we were soon back to normal, cursing winter.

  12. I always feel like I’m ungrateful when it comes to the weather. When it’s cold I wish for summer, and once summer arrives, I’m complaining about the heat.

  13. I like your metaphor of winter and Covid! It feels to me that we have had a whole long year of winter! I think it will be the end of the summer before we get back to some normalcy!

  14. delightful imagery, skiing is good exercise, relaxing and invigorating all at the same time … I’m sure you’ll get a lot more in now

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  16. How did I miss this one? Winter is OK by me as long as it makes up its mind to be winter. I adore the image you used. (Also, I didn’t find your comment in my spam folder for the other post…)

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