Fall, asleep

November-bared the branches
of our ancient maple moans;
sated with her fire faded
she sighs and droops her sap
deeper, deeper into the soil,
she groans and let the earthworm
coil his hunger ’round her root,
he hugs her winter core,
as she falls asleep,
snores and dreams
that those seeds she shed will hatch
to bring a sapling youth of maples
’round her feet, later when
she’s rested and the winter’s left.

This was taken a few days ago. In the middle you can see a beaver swimming (I promise)

Today Sanaa, hosts at dVerse and asks us to write poetry about November. During the last few days we have really moved into darker times and I can just hope for brightness to come back.

November 3, 2020

28 responses to “Fall, asleep

  1. I love the seasonal change by nature specially this part:

    she groans and let the earthworm
    coil his hunger ’round her root

    I can’t wait too.

  2. From the wordplay in the title to the moaning, groaning, sighing and snoring sounds, Björn, you’ve presented November as an exhausted month through the personified maple. I love her sapped stamina, her faded fire, and her hope for the spring.

  3. Such an arresting opening line to this delicious poem, Bjorn! 💝 I love how moody and dark it is and how it sings November into the soul 🙂

  4. brightness always returns and you will appreciate it all the more … sounds like you are digging in to hibernate for a cold dark winter. Good luck with that

  5. she groans and let the earthworm
    coil his hunger ’round her root,

    I adore this poem and all the feelings of the season it evokes. Beautiful imagery!

  6. Magnificent stark photo. Perfect in black and white. I wondered how things went this weekend? I love the surprising tenderness you bring to your poem:
    “coil his hunger ’round her root,
    he hugs her winter core,”
    Such a comforting thought.

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