More than a smile

Bring me your grin
to tickle my toes
bring me pickles and sins
your happiness mess
of tonic and gin.

With giggle and glee
unravel my dusk
turn grey into gold,
turn sour to sweet,

you’re spinning me dizzy
I’m giddy
I’m glad.

A Young Girl Laughing by Antonio Mancini

Lillian hosts the Qadrille today with the word happiness at dVerse.

November 2, 2020

35 responses to “More than a smile

  1. Your poem made me smile, Björn, and warmed me up like a big hug while I’m sitting in my cold study. We’re easily pleased with ‘pickles and sins’. I love the lines:
    ‘With giggle and glee
    unravel my dusk
    turn grey into gold’.

  2. There is such a stunning, natural rhythm and flow to this one, Bjorn! 😀 I love; “With giggle and glee unravel my dusk turn grey into gold.” 💝

  3. I love the sounds of the words here, almost like a tongue-twister. There is delight in the distractions of love even in dark times, and you’ve conveyed this so well in so few words.

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