Let not yourself be first
or curse
your neighbor’s thirst
but dare to share consent,
confirm, confess
and split communion in vatic trust.

Let me be we and you
be us
embrace them please,
invite them
him and her and let them then be me
in ease
in peace of union,
and dare to share
in consonance of conscience;
and when we blend
when we amalgamate.
We bring communion in vatic trust.

Four People Sharing a Meal by Vincent van Gogh

We write on the word vatic with Lisa at DVerse; writing from that perspective. For me this is writing in a religious voice in the way I think religion should be, loving your neighbor and caring. Not the brimstone preacher, but us taking care of each other and the planet. Maybe it should be called an atheist prayer.

17 responses to “Communion

  1. I like that you’ve used the word vatic within the poem. This sounds like the holiest of communions: that between friends reaching out for one another when they most need company.

  2. Interesting use of sounds, particularly consonance (consonance of conscience!), internal rhymes and repetition, Björn! I like the phrase ’communion in vatic trust’.

  3. Whatever you want to call it, Bjorn, it’s a recipe for untold blessings. I like the way it rolls off of the tongue. There is a chanting rhythm to it.

  4. Your religious voice here is a noble, forceful one, Björn, and that counts for a lot in these times of “split communion.” I’ve been reading historian Tom Holland’s, Dominion, he too is an atheist, but interestingly points out the very religious nature of our concepts of shared communion. Being human, there’s no limit to the paradoxes we are forced to live with 🙂

  5. I have always had a secret desire that one day we all would have bred ourselves into just one race, so that when the UFOs land on Bunker Hill, we will introduce ourselves as “earthites” .

  6. Yes Björn – the sense of community – the ‘we’ that we need in these dark times (interventionist god or not) rings clear and true here – & so like your choice of Van Gogh’s drawing.

  7. Once as a teen while attending church with my BFF she reminded me since I was not a member I could not take communion with her. Really. 58 years later she supports Trump. I do not.

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