Have you ever listened to the moon? Really listened; have you ever marveled at Its silver tongue? Have you seen how well it speaks of autumn even when the summer still pretends to waltz with the sun?

Tonight the scent of apples blends with silver from an almost pregnant moon, but the gold of autumn leaves is left for sister sun to show. From the meadows by the lake mist-ghosts raise and darkly stretch their hands and fingers upward to the empty space beyond the moon-mask of the fall.

Somewhere here I realize that tomorrow the rain will fall, and the morning will be drizzle-dressed in grey, and how glorious the maple’s leaves will glow against heaven’s lack of colors.

harvest moon whispers —
cradled by boughs of an oak
a squirrel asleep

Photo by the author

Today Frank hosts the haibun Monday at dVerse. The word is moon, which is wonderful to think about at this time of the year.

September 28, 2020

32 responses to “Moon-secrets

  1. So many delightful phrases to glean here, but my breath is caught by the movement from rapturous thought to peaceful slumber embodied by the squirrel 🐿 in the haiku! Beautiful.

  2. I’ll be listening for that silver-tongued moon’s secrets just as soon as the clouds have cleared, Björn. I love the way you play with colour in the second and third paragraphs, as well as appealing to other senses. You have created such a sweet image in your haiku.

  3. I think I’ve listened to the moon before: I love the images you’ve conjoured up here, especially ‘mist-ghosts’ raising their hands and the sleeping, cradled squirrel.

  4. This is incredibly gorgeous, Bjorn! I especially love; “and the morning will be drizzle-dressed in grey,”… here’s to an uplifting next month! 💝

  5. “Tonight the scent of apples blends with silver from an almost pregnant moon” is glorious. Like letting the moon speak, and making her gender female, taking an olfactory clue and mingling with an image is clever/creative. By the by, I think “lake mist-ghosts” rise (not raise); smile.

  6. Some precipitation forecast here, too, Bjorn, which is a good thing, given our mid-level draught.

    Your haibun’s a great one. Congrats.

  7. kaykuala
    The Moon is not alone most nights but impinged on the trees, fruits even little creatures. Keeping company is part of its realization of nature’s blessings. Very much so Bjorn!


  8. So beautiful, the first line of your haibun snapped me to attention as I talk and listen to the moon (do not tell anyone) …. Harvest Moon is my all time favorite Neil Young song.

  9. I really enjoyed your haibun and the beautiful pctuures your words paint. Autumn leaves against a grey sky are a sight to behold but few seem to recognise that. Most go for images of brightly coloured leaves against a blue sky. Your haibun illustrates the natural world’s more subtle moments.

  10. Such lovely imagery–mists to sleeping squirrel. This is a beautiful poem. And yes, I have listened to her.
    I’m reading this on a dark, drizzly morning, but somewhere she’s there.
    (Jane is right about almost pregnant.) 😏

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