Bumblebee aware

My lady, you,
be bold
be bumblebee aware
be meadow-minded, mild;

let go of pesticides,
let weeds run wild,
listen to the soil

build hives
build orchards
be my wife

so when later
blush the harvest red
we have honey
for the apple pies.

Used with permission by Catrin Welz-Stein

Today Lilian hosts at dVerse is ekphrastic and we write poems to the art by Catrin Welz-Stein. Lilian have selected 4 paintings to select from. Just refer back to her website: http://catrin-stein.imagekind.com/store/

September 22, 2020

30 responses to “Bumblebee aware

  1. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful! Wow. I adored these lines:

    “be bumblebee aware
    be meadow-minded, mild…”

    It takes the reader to another world, and it’s just so innovative with the idea and imagery in these lines. Another fantastic piece!

  2. Oh I love this! ❤️ Especially the image; “when later autumn blush the harvest red,”… such an exquisitely worded poem, Bjorn 😀

  3. Oh Bjorn!!!! I LOVE this! Just read it aloud to George (my husband) and we both just grinned. It is just wonderful….the ending made me smile! 🙂 Perfect love making, those apple pies!

  4. Wonderful, Björn! I wish we were all ‘bumblebee aware’ and ‘meadow-minded’. I’m proud to say I am! Who could refuse the request to ‘be my wife’ when accompanied with the promise of ‘honey for the apple pies’?

  5. This is a joy to read aloud for the shear pleasure of spooling the words off my tongue. Love it, Bjorn!

  6. Such drawing power, like an incantation, to a gentle place where one may rest. I love this wording:
    “so when later
    blush the harvest red”

  7. Your last stanza is sterling, with some fetching word-smithing. It does flow like a fable, light-hearted, sweet, and romantic.

  8. I love the alliteration and assonance you employ in the first stanza to set the poem off with a buzz, which turns into a delicate love story in tune with nature. I love where the image took you!

  9. Everything here speaks bounty, bounty of heart and bounty of nature! Simply beautiful, Björn, how you build on the picture by adding or fine-tuning the quality of generosity.

  10. kaykuala
    so when later autumn blush the harvest red
    we have honey for the apple pies.

    The goodness is there waiting in the wings. It has to be when nature strikes


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