Perfecting crust

It’s pathetic really, but I blame our pandemic restriction, having to work from home, I become a villager, walking around the neighborhood watching the same gardens slowly changing from winter brown to summer green.

Like many middle aged men I turned to baking sourdough, to learn how to master the development of dough through autolys, levain and baker’s math. Today I find my heroes on YouTube and as every loaf becomes a little better, yet another shining moment of a better crust and oven spring.   

Last week we were told that we will probably not see the inside of an office until next year so I have another six months to become a baker. It’s pathetic really, but at least the bread is good. Maybe I have time to teach myself to be a blacksmith next. Pathetic really.

June-morning walk — 
meadow grass weighted by dew 
soaking his shoes

My own home made bread

I feel that my baking is improving, and it feels like a shining moment to be able to create a loaf from scratch with my own sourdough, flour water and salt, but it’s also a little bit sad that I have to find something so many others master so much better.

Haibun Monday at dVerse is hosted by Lilian and the topic is “one shining moment”.

June 22, 2020

36 responses to “Perfecting crust

  1. mmmmm….looks delicious! Hard to hear the working from home will last so long. Same for my son here in the states. But I think learning to master bread making is fabulous! Many many years ago when we were in Iowa and our kids were babes, I had a sour dough starter. Made bread, pancakes, coffeecakes, muffins, etc with it. There really are a lot of sour dough recipes out there….perhaps expand from the bread?

    • I make pancakes once a week as well… excellent weekend breakfast. I have tried making sourdough waffles and foccacia as well… and actually sourdough banana bread. So I think there will is more to come.

  2. Your bread looks delicious, Björn – each loaf is a shining moment . You’re so lucky to be able to find flour. My husband has had to give up baking bread until flour comes back into our shops. The pandemic has placed unwelcome restrictions on us but working from has given you time to perfect your baking skills – and you might become a blacksmith before next year! I love the image of ‘meadow grass weighted by dew’ – the wet shoes might be uncomfortable.

  3. This is perfection as I feel certain your bread is! I can almost smell that loaf here in Bend! Beautiful job on a challenge to end challenges.

  4. The photograph makes me hungry. The haibun is light-hearted, but allegorical for the times we live in.

  5. I’ve baked bread for years, but sour dough seems like so much work. It’s as good a thing as any to master–and practical. However, if you do learn to be a blacksmith, you can maybe bake your bread in the forge. 😏

  6. Yet another year of working at home?! You will be a master baker! This quarantine has presented surprise gifts of all sorts!

  7. wow that’s a long time to work from home, people here are sharing what a drag it is and are super keen to return to the office at least part time.

    Love the haiku. Not sad that you are learning new skills, how’s the housework and meal preparation going?

  8. I can smell the good bread baking! Perhaps home won’t close in as much during the summer months. I enjoyed your story even if you thought it was pathetic! :>)

  9. That looks delicious, I know some people who took to baking bread during the lock down. The it stopped as the stores had no yeast or flour. It was hard to find stuff around here.

  10. Oh dear! I am totally envious about walking and seeing the same garden be transformed by seasons! Definitely feel you on the office part but I am glad you’re on your way to be a certified baker Bjorn!

  11. Love this, Björn… especially since I broke up with my starter and have decided to forego the whole crazy thing!
    Nothing pathetic about any of this!

  12. Oh, it looks so scrumptious! This weekend I baked an artisan bread for the first time, using a homemade starter dough. It was good, but had a few issues and I am not home enough to perfect it. Not pathetic at all, you put your hands to work and learned something new!

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