This doldrums,
this sluggish sea
in monochrome conundrum — 

I drift without direction,
watch the seamless shift 
from sea to sky — 

I’m weary worn.
When suddenly

the thunder drum-rolls
rocks my boat — 
I’m more alive.

Barge in the sea shore by Ivan Aivazovsky

Today at dVerse Quadrille is hosted by Mish, and the word is drum. I found some good words containing “drum” that I liked to use and I think many of us feeling a bit the same… being lost at the listless sea at the moment.

June 15, 2020

28 responses to “Listless

  1. I love what you did with the prompt word in this quadrille, Björn; what greats words doldrums and conundrum are – and all those ‘-less’ words.

  2. Beautiful. I’m glad you searched for “drum” words. I was going to include them but decided to let others do their own creative homework. All the “less” words resonate in your poem, especially ‘spineless’ as it feels to me like the days are a bit wimpy, staying home, and the fear of certain interactions, etc.

  3. Nice sense of place, with a dramatic turn at the even. We all feel more alive when the thunder rolls.

  4. Fantastic wordplay in this one, Bjorn! 😀 I especially love; “watch the seamless shift from sea to sky — sleepless,spineless, listless.” Inspired! 💝

  5. Lots to like here (as ever) – the monochrome conundrum – is a beauty, and ‘seamless shift from sea to sky’ – is such a great change of pace – presages the awakening in the last. Terrific stuff

  6. I think you’re right about how many are feeling right now. I really like the rhythm, rhymes, and repeated sounds in this poem. Doldrums and monochrome conundrum are great choices.

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