Trickle-down effect

“We just need growth”. my banker sighed, straightening his tie.

It was strange talking through Zoom, and I had set up my computer so my dilapidated dwelling didn’t show on the webcam.
I had dressed well this morning, pretending all was well.

My funds were not.
I was not.

He started typing, scrutinizing my numbers; growing paler.

“Hmm… ‘

He had taken care of my accounts for years.
We were almost friends, but I also knew, I paid for his condo.

“Tell you what… I’ll send you a voucher for a meal at McDonald’s, thank you for your business Mr. Parker”

© Ted Strutz

The first thing I thought about when I saw the picture was the saying “crumbs from a rich man’s table”, which led me to the trickle-down effect that’s supposed to generate wealth for poor people in an economy. Hope this works as a story on the challenges many might face (again) in the coming years.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful community where we spend Wednesday coming up with stories. Rochelle set up the challenge and the example, and there are so many excellent writers in the community so you never cease to learn. Likely I will not catch up with reading the stories until Sunday. Click on the poor fox below to see the rest of the stories. The fox is a small statue in Stockholm called “rag and bone” which I thought fitted better than any frog I could find.

June 3, 2020

26 responses to “Trickle-down effect

  1. This is the broken part:
    “He had taken care of my accounts for years.
    We were almost friends, but I also knew, I paid for his condo.”
    Misplaced trust, based on greed.
    The outcome screams the reality.
    Excellent story with a very demoralizing message.

  2. I don’t think anyone believes in the trickle down effect, it was never more than a lie to justify austerity

  3. It is a timely story. We bear economic soul to the bankers and we can’t hide anything from them. The trickle-down effect may not work for everyone, sadly.

  4. That’s how I feel about the US government giving out 1200 bucks to people and then 10 trillion dollars to large corporations. Definitely a different standard.

  5. Oh a sad ending here. Rough doing business that way. I’ve been working from home and I do love a good fake background to hide my washing 😊

  6. Believe it or not, I know a lot of rich people who are absolutely wonderful and generous — philanthropists a lot of them. I also know a lot of poor people who are jerks, too, and will sell their grandmother just because they don’t know how to manage their resources with any amount of integrity. It goes either way. As for the guy with the condo? Well, he’s in the minority, he just gets the grease. Nice take on the prompt!

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