It never rained

Just like the song
it never rained
the summer
when I lived
in Southern California.

It drove my crazy
not to have
those lazy moments
when you were forced
to stay inside.

With no excuse,
I had to seize
the moments
to explore
to swim or hike,
to hit the trails and bike.

It never rained
until the evening
right before I left,
when a weary
shower fell
and filled my soul
with petrichor.

Summer Beach I by John Miller

Sarah hosts at dVerse on the topic of rain, and I wrote about the time when I longed for rain.

June 2, 2020

15 responses to “It never rained

  1. Ah….I learned a new word: petrichor! Always learning something at dVerse. Enjoyed this post, Bjorn. Rain can delight in lazy moments. I love sitting on our deck when it’s raining….there’s an overhang so I don’t get wet except for maybe an occasional mist. It’s mesmorizing to watch and listen to the rain.

  2. Wow, that song takes me back! I didn’t know you lived in Southern California, Björn. I think I’d go crazy too – I need rain. But that’s just sod’s law, to have it rain on the evening before you left! I love ‘filled my soul with petrichor’ – one of my favourite smells.

  3. Ah, petrichor! – thank you for throwing that in. Nothing smells better than the world after rain. We’ve had the sunniest spring ever, and there are so many jobs round the house that need doing, but who’s going to dust when you could be outside? Not me!

  4. I know what you mean about a place with no rain. On trips to TX, FL, AZ, and CA it never rained, and the sun was always shining. Although gorgeous places to visit, the monotony of such a place would be unbearable. That said, it’s cloudy here in MI 240 days a year, which can be its own form of hell. I *love* the line “filled my soul with petrichor.” (also had to look it up)

  5. I share your need for rain, Bjorn. A vacation in the southwest left me hungering for the green of home!!

  6. Björn, in New England, it’s the sunny days that usually fill us with joy. Lately, though, the rain has stayed away, and I long for petrichor. Thanks for this evocative poem.

  7. kaykuala

    Unpredictable as the weather is, the rain may not occur when we want it to be but a downpour it is when it is not to be expected


  8. This made me chuckle–the forced need to go out and enjoy nature in the sunshine. I was going to write about petrichor–I love that scent.

  9. This is immensely satisfying … living in Bend Oregon (the high desert) we get little rain. When it comes, I cannot adequately explain my joy. The smell! The smell! Overwhelms. Thanks for writing this.

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