lilac sentinels — 
evening zephyr’s lucent
perfumed in blossoms
as a robin serenades 
the neighbor’s marmalade cat

I never had the time to write for Frank’s prompt on Japanese five line poetry last week at dVerse. So i link up at OLN tonight instead with a little tanka of sorts.

May 28, 2020

23 responses to “Lilacs

  1. Dynamite tanka, I love every line. Your theme perfectly meshes with Grace’s. You two should write a renga.

  2. Love the scent of lilacs! My mother always had vases of tulips and daffodils on my birthday table. I don’t remember the parties….but I remember those. Love that marmalade cat! 🙂

  3. I LOVE sweetly scented lilacs…reminds me of my childhood home. I wonder if that marmalade cat appreciates the music 😉

  4. Oh the heavenly scent of the lilacs is intoxicating. I walked past a bush on my walk today and I had to stop and inhale deeply the sweet aroma.

  5. kaykuala
    as a robin serenades
    the neighbor’s marmalade cat

    Serenading a marmalade cat. gives the idea of trying to make a grumpy cat happy!


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