The colors of koi

The thunderheads had been building for hours and as the first raindrops hit the windowpane I couldn’t stand it any longer and closed my eyes.

Building castles from the bricks of dreams I saw my princess once again. I forgot the reek of my depilated living; I forgot the dun nicotine-stained wallpapers; I forgot arthritis and my pangs of hunger.

We had planned a perfect life: in all its details down to the colors of our koi before you left. 

I can’t blame you really really. When you talked about our castle, I only saw the lights from the casino.

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

The image looks like a dream, and so very far from the weather we are having at the moment. I cannot say my life is this dark, but I have to say that gambling addiction is a terrible disease.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful community, and I’m glad to be back writing a bit. It has been a bit hard to fit the prompt into my weekly schedule. Rochelle does a fantastic job keeping this community going, and I know the hard work that goes into keeping a community together. If you want to see more please click on the frog below.

May 27, 2020

45 responses to “The colors of koi

  1. I really like how you pieced your story together. Your details make it shine. Gambling is one of the worst addictions, agreed.
    Your froggie makes me smile.

  2. Lovely, Bjorn. Really evocative descriptions using sight, smell and touch. I was with your narrator in the bedsit as they regretted the lure of the casino. And by using such vivid descriptions of the actual world you pointed up the tawdry triviality of the casino. Well written. Kudos!

  3. Dear Björn,

    As always, you’ve said so much in few words. The ending is a sucker punch to the gut. Well done.



    PS thank you for your kind words re our community. It’s how I see it and I’m glad you’re a part of it whenever possible.

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