A place reeking of grease and unsettled bills, empty dining room, a snow-covered lawn.

It fitted his canceled date.

She hadn’t even bothered to text him.
Sarah the ice-queen.

Simon called the waitress.
She didn’t scold him when he only asked for water… again.

“Slow day… “, sighed Simon.
She lingered. Hesitating…

“Mind if I sit down?”, she smiled.

Her warm voice could melt butter… or ice.
Simon nodded,

“My name is Sarah… “
“Simon”, said Simon
“I know, I took your reservation… for two”.
“She stood me up”,
“We can leave, the food sucks here anyway”.

They explored summer together.

The empty dining room and the snow in the background made me melancholic, but I needed a happy ending to this. I think Sarah and Simon will find happiness in summer rather than snow. What do you think?

Friday fictioneers is a group of blogger under the leadership of queen Rochelle who guides us in writing each week (and my story was a bit inspired by hers this week. Go to her place or click on the frog below to get to the other stories.

April 29, 2020

23 responses to “Melting

  1. Wait a second? Were the ice-queen who stood him up and the hot-chick both named Sarah? Opportunity often knocks but once in that kind of situation. I love that first paragraph. It sets the tone very well.

  2. That’s called “resourcefulness.” Wonderful! I especially like the narrative the way it’s presented. You really did a lot with very little here, Bjorn. Awesome!

  3. So… Was the waitress his date? Was she playing a game? Or is it a coincidence that they both had the most common name a woman can have?

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