Preparing for nothing

Astrid had started sleeping with an open window since the curfew started. The city was silent, except for an occasional growl from nocturnal wildlife marking their new territory.

Over the rooftops, she sees the stars she remembers from her country-side childhood.

She had prepared for everything but this ache of loneliness. Her pantry was still stocked with food; she had water but one by one her neighbors had vanished.

The pandemic patrols carry IR-visors to detect footprints of fever; they eaves-drops at doors for signs of coughs or labored breathing,

As the shadow swallowed the stars Astrid starts to cough.

You are probably tired of yet another story on plagues and pandemic, but I couldn’t refrain.

Friday fictioneers are a bunch of bloggers writing flash fictions to the same picture every week. A hundred words The limit is a hundred words, and I usually try to match that exactly. Rochelle hosts and often shares a piece of history in her stories. Go to her site or click at the frog below for more stories.

April 15, 2020

34 responses to “Preparing for nothing

  1. This was a good one. It’s spring, and I have allergies which cause cough… I’ve been denied entry for groceries more than once. Thank God for the one grocery that does allow me to shop. They’ve definitely earned my loyalty! I hope this finds you well and safe. 🙂 ❤ My story this week, first I've written in months, is far too long for FriFic, but it is up. Enjoy!

  2. You can see that coming down the pike. I think “covid days” will be more norm than not in the coming years. What a way to go 😦 I do adore your covid croaker.

  3. Astrid went on to make a full recovery and after the vaccine was discovered the world returned to normal…. That’s how I’m ending it anyway 😉

  4. Poor froggy needs some acetaminophen!
    As for the reality of plague and reactions to it … this was almost too realistic … and yet, knowing people who are working in double speed to figure out treatments and possible vaccines … I’ll keep hope that we’ll have better solutions than patrols …

  5. The last line was depressingly familiar. Everytime any one of us coughs people start edging surreptitiously away, but at least we haven’t got so far as to persecute people. Well not on this side of the world anyway.

  6. This was a bit different than many of the COVID renditions. Scary to think we are all being monitored. At this point though, I would welcome it. I’d like to know who and who is not carrying the virus.

  7. Oddly, my daughter works in hospice, had an allergy cough and was asked to go home to work. This could be something that could happen. Oh my, I hope not. It’s a scary thought. Thought-provoking, Bjorn. Well done.
    Isadora 😎

  8. Bjorn, this was good, as always. Hard to do a turn on certain subjects freshly, but the character seemed very interesting, your strong suit.
    How’s it going? Five out of five masks.

  9. A bleak image of where we might arrive with another and worse virus. There are researchers looking at ways of speeding the development of future vaccines; we must hope they succeed. Humanity has already progressed hugely in the search.

  10. Even the frog? Dang it!

    The Rona is on everybody’s mind right now. It’s unavoidable. Your story could very well be prophetic. I went shopping this weekend for the first time in… I think I’ve been out before. I was shocked by how many people didn’t have masks or gloves or were maintaining any kind of distance. People are protesting to have business reopen. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  11. This is chilling! That sense of them moving in on her, of her neighbours vanishing around her-just a matter of time till she goes too. And that last line – fabulous

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