Ordering words

My syllables are soldiers, straight
and tethered tightly into words
of thoughtfulness commanding fates.
I weave from sentences my sword

my shining armor and the veils
that hide the chaos of my doubts.
My speech is steel, inside I’m frail
I’m turmoiled, boiling to come out.

The Topic is “order” at dVerse hosted by Laura with inspiration from the poetry of Elizabeth Jennings.

April 14, 2020

18 responses to “Ordering words

  1. Steel speech….soldiering on with words….and inside the frailty, the turmoil boiling to come out. Putting on a scene….I think of the phrase, “soldiering on”

  2. Hit me, the sentence in the end “My speech is steel, inside I’m frail
    I’m turmoiled, boiling to come out.”. And after that the whole order of the thing hit me twice bound. With words we shape all things, draw the world.

  3. With sword and shining armor and speech of steel, who’d suspect the chaos of doubt and fraility behind the veil. Your poems are always so imaginative!

  4. You had me at /the veils that hide the chaos of my doubts/. I have called poets warriors, but yes we are soldiers of oratory as well; a stirring piece.

  5. Fantastic metaphor, I can definitely relate to using ordered words as shining armour. I wonder how often I use my soldiers as cannon fodder in pointless battles though. Thanks for the great poem
    The Lonely Recluse

  6. In the boiling the fruits are canned,
    In the boiling the soul is want for life
    Boiled explosion releases waves of ecstasy
    Spreading such steamy love

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